Freeze talks academics, three remain at high risk | Ole Miss Sports

I spoke with Hugh Freeze a minute ago for an update on football academics now that the spring semester has ended.

The immediate need for his players with grades concerns in the spring semester was to get to 18 hours passed.

Freeze said when he took over he had 25 players with some sort of issue, many of them concerning the need to get to 18 hours.

Reaching this point doesn’t make them eligible, but without reaching the hours minimum – and thereby continuing on with classes for the summer semester – the players could not continue to work toward to requirements of grade point average and percentage of degree requirements complete.

Freeze is very pleased with how things turned out for his team in the spring.

However, three players that he did not name did not reach the 18-hour minimum. Those players are in discussions with counselors and faculty members to see what options might still be available to help them get there.

Freeze could have a final word on those three players as early as Friday or perhaps Monday.

“They are working with faculty right now to find any possible avenue they can to resolve their issue,” Freeze said. “I am not confident that will occur with all three.”
Among the players who have passed the hours, there will still be some other issues such as GPA that will need improvement.

Clearing the academic hurdles may not be enough for some to remain with the football team. Freeze said he will consider all factors for each individual case before deciding if he’ll keep some players.

As far as those who have now met the 18-hours requirement, “I’m really confident that they all can make it (GPA), but even though they can make it, it doesn’t mean that I will renew them. I am a visual guy. I want to look at the whole spectrum of the team, who made poor choices off the field, whether they continue to do that, what they bring to our team.

“I don’t like to give up on anyone, but I know the situation we’re in. A message has to be sent.

“But I’m confident that everyone could be eligible come fall except the three who may not get to 18 hours.”

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