Fresno’s Hill expects challenge from Ole Miss offense | Ole Miss Sports

Fresno State coach Pat Hill is still working on his scouting report for Ole Miss, he says.

That’s why he refers to Jeff Scott only as No. 3. Hill was most impressed with Scott from the video he’s seen thus far.

He expressed surprise that he hasn’t seen more from No. 34, Brandon Bolden. “He doesn’t have as many carries as I would have thought, and I’ve not seen him on film much,” Hill said. That has to do in large part with Bolden’s ankle injury, of course.

Bolden rushed for a career-high 228 yards and two touchdowns, one of them a 71-yard sprint after breaking through the first level of the defense.

Hill thought Fresno played pretty well against Ole Miss except for seven or eight plays. He was most impressed in recalling the option game.

“(Jeremiah) Masoli on the first series had third-and-12 and scrambled for 72. They had a big option package last year. That adds to the big-play dimension,” he said.

The Rebels have tried to create an option threat with Barry Brunetti earlier and with Randall Mackey more recently but haven’t generated much success there.

In spite of the Rebels’ offensive struggles, Hill expects a big challenge for his Bulldogs.

“I think they’ve a very capable team on the offensive side of the ball,” he said.

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