Friday Chat | Ole Miss Sports

Good morning from San Francisco where we’re a bit off schedule. The body clock woke us up on central time, so we’re ahead of the game on pacific time. Looking out across the city it’s still dark. The picture you see was taken upon arrival yesterday.

My wife, Mrs. A., is with me this weekend. We’re making this a combo football and wedding anniversary trip. That being said, I will be away from the blog until later in the day. The plan as it currently exists includes Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge, TBA after that.

We will leave tomorrow morning for Fresno.

Twitter traffic from Ole Miss players indicates a safe arrival in Fresno early this morning, around 2 a.m. CST.

I’m sure most folks saw the Dan Jones letter yesterday, the first public response from the Ole Miss chancellor regarding the Forward Rebels campaign against the administration.

Turf Guy suggests an informal poll, not a bad idea.

Last week Ole Miss alumni president Bill May and M Club Alumni, in a letter signed by Broc Kreitz and Archie Manning, spoke out against the Forward Rebels campaign. Do you agree with Jones that the campaign against the administration is not civil and is the wrong venue for debate, and what is your confidence level in the administration’s ability to unite the fan base and move forward successfully with its $150 million fund-raising effort?

Leave your thoughts below.

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