Game day music | Ole Miss Sports

A few leftovers here from an interview with Michael Thompson discussing the football game day survey.

One of the big topics was music selection and volume. Choices of rap, country or as well as more volume or less had supporters in different categories.

“Selection is really subjective. Volume is kind of subjective, but some of that depends on the sound system itself. The first year we had a lot of volume issues in certain sections (of the stadium), but that turned out to be more technical than anything else. We had the speakers calibrated for the whole stadium this past year. We looked at volume, some people would say it was too loud, some not loud enough, and those were people in the same section,” Thompson said.

Selection is similar. Ask the music person in any stadium what is hardest to deal with, and they’ll say playing music that everyone likes. Our music staff constantly runs down the spectrum to give something to everybody then runs back the other way and keeps doing it. It’s a constant kind of pendulum swing.”

One of the other changes for the upcoming season not highlighted in the story include new drink sizes at concession stands. Prices vary, but the new size offers a less expensive option, Thompson said. Choices will also include a 32-ounce refillable cup for $8.

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