Golson says he will play football at Ole Miss | Ole Miss Sports

I spoke with Pascagoula defensive back Senquez Golson a few minutes ago.
He says his negotiations with the Boston Red Sox are “pretty much over” and that he intends to be on campus at Ole Miss for the second summer term.

That’s big news for the Rebels, who are quite thin in the secondary.

Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt was very excited to hear the same news, but he’ll be even more excited when he sees Golson actually enrolled in school and on the practice field.

“It’s big news. Big, big news, and it sounds good,” he said. “I’m just hoping Boston does not come back in there, but I feel good about it. We really need him to get to Oxford. He’s an exciting player.”

Nutt said Golson, an eighth-round pick, has a mix of speed and physicality that set him a part from many players.

Golson sounded very confident in his decision, but it’s important to note that Boston has deep pockets and that MLB teams have until Aug. 15 to sign their draft picks.

And to further note that his quote said “pretty much.”

Golson said he was offered more than a million dollars, but the decision came down to his desire to play football.

He’ll also play baseball at Ole Miss next spring, but until then, Nutt has big plans for Golson this fall.

“He will get a lot of snaps from Day 1 because of the numbers. He could be second team very, very fast and have an opportunity to get in the rotation, to be in different packages. We’re excited,” Nutt said.

Sometimes strange things happen in negotiations, but when asked if there was anything the Red Sox could do to change his mind he said, “No sir.”

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