Holloway speaks on transfer process, season | Ole Miss Sports

Murphy Holloway’s comments from a media availability earlier today …

(Your thoughts on being cleared?)

“Oh, man, it feels good to finally get that burden lifted off me. Real good. I doubted the whole time. When the NCAA cleared me, I was like, ‘If the SEC doesn’t clear me…’ Everything worked out well.”

(How did you feel when you heard the news?)

“It was a lot of just praise to God and thanks to Ole Miss and South Carolina for even supporting this.”

(Did you get a lot of support from Terrance?)

“He stayed on me about that. But I know he’s playing, you know?”

(What has the process to eligibility been like for you?)

“It hasn’t been too difficult. I talked to coach. He just said think positive. So I’m just thinking positive, and the best has happened.”

(How excited are you for the season?)

“I’ve practiced, but I’m very hungry to play and get back into the atmosphere. Free throws are going to be better. My free throws are going to be a lot better.”

(What type of approach do you sense for this team?)

“Everybody’s on the same page. Everybody’s locked in, focused. This team can do some real big things. I’ve been on, what, two teams here. This is probably one of the most talented, but surely one of the most focused teams I’ve been on, as far as a sense of urgency.”

(When did you know you wanted to come back?)

“When I left. When I first left here. I had to go home because of some situations I had. But I never really wanted to leave. I was the father of a child and I had to be there for her.”

(What has practice been like?)

“Practice has been rough with the banging, ‘cause we’re all big guys. Move Terrance out to the three, I think that’s his natural position anyway. I think it’s done us some good. I think (the lineup) is very versatile. If me or Reggie come out, Terrance can move to the four, and a lot of things like that.”

(What was it like at South Carolina?)

“I’m from there, so it was home. It was good seeing the family and all that. But I think when it came to a basketball standpoint, I was so used to the way this was. It was a little different (at South Carolina) but not too much different. Horn’s a good coach, don’t get me wrong. He understood when I told him, ‘Coach, I want to explore my options and see if I can go back. It was a big change, though.”

(What did you think of the uniqueness of your case?)

“I kind of understood that it had never been done before. But if it’s never been done before, it’s really not a rule to it, so it’s possible.”

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