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All freshmen all the time think they are the ones who will be the impetus for change. That’s OK. You want them to believe that way. If a prorgram is going to turn the corner, the impetus has to come from somewhere.

This is a freshman class that really can be a starting point for change, but often it takes more than one class.

Freshman linebacker Serderius Bryant had some interesting comments along those lines earlier this week. Check out this link from the mother ship on Thursday. The freshmen talk about turning the corner. They believe it’s going to happen.

I’m including the Bryant conversation below, because you can’t get everything into print. A native of Sanford, Fla., he’s well-spoken and passionate.


“I think all of us … I don’t think it’s one good person on the team, the freshmen, I think all of us are good. A lot of the freshmen can step up and be a good factor for the team in the next year or two years. One person I look at is Nick Brassell. Y’all all seen him. Nick Brassell is a ball player. Tell you the truth, when I was graduating from high school I really didn’t think a player (freshman) would stick out like that, but Nick has stuck out to me. I feel like if they get the ball in his hands a little more, I believe he’ll do something with it. He’ll do his thing on defense and offense. If they get the ball in his hands a little more, any kind of way, it will work.”

(How are you guys handling the frustration of a 2-4 start?)

“We understand we’re a very young team, and all we’re trying to do is produce. We feel like we the class that can change this whole organization around. By our sophomore or junior year, we feel like we can be one of those top elite SEC teams, teams in the country, so we’re going to just go out and give it our all. All us stick together, play together, I think we’re going to be pretty good, all the freshmen I’ve been talking about.
“We need to stay together. This is the class that’s going to do it for this team. We’re just going to stick together and ride it out.

(Support in the Grove)

“That’s how we feel. We go to the Grove, and we walk through the Grove after the game, and they talk to us like, ‘We’re still on y’all’s side. We’re still going to make this happen. I know in a year or so, a couple of games from now or year after next even, I know we’re going to be good because of y’all’s class, and then we’re going to have another good class next year and the year after that.’

“I feel like we’re a growing team and a very young team. We probably got a single-digit number of seniors. We’re a very young team, and we’ll emerge to be a good team.”

(What would be your message to recruits?)

“Don’t worry about this season right now. Everybody has down seasons. I feel like we might have two down seasons, but I feel like we can turn this season around. If we win six games straight right now, we’ll be 8-4. I feel like we can make this a turnaround year. The first year of coach Nutt they were 2-4, just like we are right now, and they won six games in a row and made it to the Cotton Bowl. Jump on the wagon. We’re going to get moving.”

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