Kennedy civil attorney reaction | Ole Miss Sports

Hey guys. Been away from the blog a bit taking care of family responsibilities. I’ve been able to speak with attorneys on the fly, though.

Here’s what William Posey, Kennedy’s civil attorney, had to say about Kennedy’s plea to disorderly conduct in an excerpt from tomorrow’s print edition piece. He doesn’t talk like a man about to settle and in fact denied that a movement is under way from Kennedy’s camp to settle the case.

“This is about defamation, about people making statements to newspapers and television that have put Andy in a false light,” Posey said. “This has always been about Andy and his name.”

In his effort to clear Kennedy’s name Posey stressed that pleading guilty to disorderly conduct did not mean Kennedy was admitting to Jiddou’s claims.

“The plea he entered was only to a verbal disagreement. It was nothing about assault or ethnic intimidation. He would never plead to that,” Posey said.

All movement in the civil litigation was put on hold until the criminal charge concluded. It could be months, perhaps a year, before the civil action is finished if the suits go to trial.

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