Lee: Brunetti must block out distractions | Ole Miss Sports

More from Ole Miss offensive coordinator and QBs coach David Lee on Barry Brunetti, who will make his first start Saturday …

(Your thoughts on Barry’s day?)

“Barry Looked good today. It’s the first time I truly felt like he looked like the starter, practiced like the starter, and he hit was he was throwing at. I’m encouraged. Now if he can just keep all the distractions from Memphis, Tenn., away from him from family to girl friends to ticket requests, if he can sort through that and keep that under control and stay focused, I think it’s probably been a while, maybe never, that there’s been a starting quarterback from Memphis at Ole Miss.

“I know they’re excited up there about him, and I don’t want this to be a distraction for him.

“He had a great practice, the best he’s looked since he’s been an Ole Miss Rebel today. We put him under some duress, we had crowd nows, put him in the stadium, you couldn’t hear yourself think. He delivered every play perfect, we weren’t jumping off-sides. It’s not easy. This guy’s never played. None of them have. You have two junior college transfers and a transfer. I thought he was calm. I thought he hit what he was aiming at for the most thing. He’d been real inconsistent, hot and cold. He was consistent today. That’s what will win you a championship. Consistent quarterback play will win you a championship.”

(Did he put too much pressure on himself to the news that he was starting?)

“Very possible. Everybody reacts differently. To be the Ole Miss quarterback, that’s a real honor. To be quarterback at Ole Miss behind the tradition that’s here, there’s a lot of pressure, a lot of things, you don’t quite sleep as good as you used to. I saw it in him, he’s tired right now because of all the demands, he’s got old girl friends, cousins, aunts coming in from Nebraska, all that stuff factors in. He has to be able to shut it out as the starting quarterback. The quicker he can do it, the better he’ll play.”

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