Lee encouraged by Brunetti’s day | Ole Miss Sports

Barry Brunetti might have won the quarterback job any way, but he won it for the first game, at least, by default.

After today’s practice, though, Ole Miss offensive coordinator and QB coach David Lee sounded much more confident in Brunetti.

“For the first time I felt like he looked like a starter,” Lee said. “He practcied like the starter. We put them in the stadium and put them under duress, with crowd noise, and he was calm. He hit what he was aiming it.”

Hitting what he was aiming at has been Brunetti’s biggest obstacle in camp. He’s been effective running the option, but today, Lee talked like he believe’s Brunetti can do more than that.

“I’m encouraged,” Lee said.

Lee also singled out the play of the young receivers, particularly Nick Brassell and Tobias Singleton.

Lee said he had observed some tired legs among receivers, and he instructed them to make sure they were running full speed. Otherwise, the timing could be thrown off and the passes short when they are going full speed in the game.

“Tobias is coming on now. Tobias is starting to see the light. It was the best practice today for Jamal Mosely. I am so thankful these (new) guys were signed in the recruiting class. It was going to be tough for it to happen based on what I saw last spring at the wide receiver spot. You subtract them and look at what we’ve got left. I don’t mean that bad, just being honest.”

Lee said the next thing he wants to see in Brunetti is the ability to block out distractions with so many family and friends close by in Memphis and excited about his first start.

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