Lee sees improvement with QBs | Ole Miss Sports

Offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach David Lee was pleased with what he saw from his quarterbacks in Wednesday’s work, a big turnaround from how he felt on Tuesday.

Lee: “It was a good practice. Yesterday Barry Brunetti had numerous errors, had about nine and three of them were disastrous. I thought he really improved today and he cut it to about six or five which is what you like to see happen as we get closer to the BYU game. I thought we had a good practice offensively. I feel good about the quarterbacks. I thought (Zack) Stoudt had a great day today. You know Brunetti will start the game but we will have Zack ready to go. I would look for him in maybe a 2-minute situation.”

Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt said Tuesday, when Brunetti was named the starter, that Stoudt would play against BYU. There’s no set plan or series of downs to get Stoudt in the game right now.

Lee: “It is a feel thing. You know we have done the same thing at Arkansas with a guy like Matt Jones and a guy named Zach Clark against y’all in the seven-overtime game. We did it the whole season because Matt had some elusiveness and could run the option, and Zach was more of the drop-back guy. We haven’t done it since then, but it feels like that is what it might be. We’ll see how Barry goes and if he is doing well than we will stay right there and stay with Barry, but we’ll have Zach ready to go.
“Barry is probably getting about 70 percent and the closer we get to the game the backup will get less reps as Houston will cut down on the amount of periods we have in practice.”

If Brandon Bolden’s work in practice is an indication, he could be poised for a big year.
Much of Bolden’s work hasn’t been open to the public, as he and sophomore Jeff Scott have been held out of a lot of drills.

Said Lee: “He’s ready. He is so ready, practices so hard. You know I’ll blow the whistle after 5 yards and he’ll run 50 yards and he might not have as much left at the end of practice. So he’ll be ready to go no question. We didn’t practice him much Saturday, I think he got 3 plays and I don’t think he got any the Saturday before that which was to keep him and Jeff Scott healthy for the opener.

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