Mathis to the Astros | Ole Miss Sports

A few comments here from Tanner Mathis, who was drafted by the Astros this afternoon, 27th round, 819th pick.

For Mathis, from Lake Charles, La., it’s like being picked by the hometown team, an easy drive down I-10.

(How did you hear?) “I was watching the draft, and the Astros had called me last night. (Had not heard from any other teams.) It’s always an honor to be drafted. As far as what happens from here, I have no idea. We’ll just play it by ear. I’ll be in contact with them (Astros), talk to the coaches. We’ll find out what will happen pretty soon.”

(Did your play at end of year change anything for you?) “I don’t know if it was that. I’ve been pretty consistent the last couple of years. The doubles and stuff, tha tmight have helped the last couple of weekends, but I’ve played the game right, I’ve played hard and been consistent. They’ve seen me play the last couple of years, and they drafted me.”

(What does it mean for a Lake Charles guy to get picked by Astros?) “It’s awesome. I was a huge fan of them growing up. I loved watching Biggio, Bagwell and Berkman, all those guys, play the game. I’ve been to a bunch of Astros games. It’s only two hours from home. It’s an honor to get drafted, any round is an honor.”

(Your plans for summer if you don’t sign?) “If I don’t sign I’ll be staying here working with Rich Levy, Bousfield, Mistone and a couple of the in-coming freshmen.”

(Does the changing roster, attrition etc., affect your decision?) “It doesn’t really make my decision any different. I try not to worry about that. Yarbs is obviously a great player. Snyder and Kirksey are really good. Everybody’s done great, but that doesn’t make my decision. The underclassman will be able to fill those roles, maybe not with home runs but with doubles in the gap and stuff like that. I don’t think Ole Miss will miss a beat whether I stay or not. The freshmen, this year, will get more experience and play better, and the freshmen coming in will be really good.”

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