McCray’s strong endorsement of Mackey | Ole Miss Sports

I was semi-off today – the last time I’ll be able to say that on a Saturday for quite some time – and was able to take in a Tupelo High cross country meet.

The Rebels are scrimmaged today, but it was closed to media. All the heavy lifting is done. There is some minor jockeying going on, but basically, the coaches know who’s going to play.

When all is said in done, I suspect Bo Wallace will be the starter at quarterback, and how much he plays will depend on what he gets done. Barry Brunetti will play too and will have the same arrangement. If he leads touchdown drives he’ll play more.

The guy to watch on this offense will be Randall Mackey. He could very well turn out to be the Rebels’ most productive player. He’ll start at running back, and you’ll see him move around to different places. He’s looked good.

Emmanuel McCray, the starting left tackle, had some interesting things to say about Mackey this week, hinting at Mackey’s off-field issues last year.

“He’s spectacular. He’s a playmaker. You can put him at any position, even on defense, and he’ll make plays. He’s learned the offense.

“He made a reputation for himself, but he’s really turned things around. He’s going to have a big year. I’m positive of that.”

Hopefully for Mackey individually and the Rebels collectively, McCray will be on target with those comments.

Mackey is a gifted athlete who has lacked maturity at times. A Parade All-American, this is his last chance to do big things in the college game, and Ole Miss needs big things from him.

Speaking of McCray, more from him and more on the Rebels’ offensive line in Sunday’s print edition.

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