Monday Presser Round 2 | Ole Miss Sports

The highlights from Houston Nutt’s time during today’s press conference. …

The coaching staff entered the meeting room just before Houston and stood against the side and back wall.

Before Nutt walked away after a completing a Q-and-A period, secondary coach Keith Burns addressed Nutt and said, “I love you like a brother. I’ve worked with Lou Holtz and played for him, a hall of famer. I’ve worked with Dick Tomey, hall of famer. I’ve worked with John Robinson, hall of famer and Bill Snyder, hall of famer. You’re the best.”

Nutt said he’s seen many coaches fired in 14 years in the SEC. “I never expected it to happen to me. I know this, my family and I, we gave it all to Ole Miss, gave everything we had … without a violation.”

Nutt said, looking back, there’s nothing he’d have done differently at Ole Miss.

Nutt said the staff will continue to recruit for Ole Miss and will try to hand off the current class to the next staff in good shape.

Asked how he got to this point, Nutt talked about inconsistency at quarterback. Said he believed things would be different now if Jevan Snead had returned for his senior season in 2010. He also made reference to attrition in recruiting classes and injuries.

Nutt said he has 5, 7 or 10 years left in him. Still has energy and passion and wants to coach again. Said the first thing he will do when the season is over is sit down and drink sweet tea with wife Diana.

Nutt said it was his desire to coach the last three games, and he expects the team to perform at a high level. Said staff will put all it has into last three games.

Nutt said you can win at Ole Miss. “It’s a wonderful place.”

Nutt: “I would like to be here, see it through, go to Atlanta with this group, but I understand the decisions that have to be made.”

Nutt said, repeatedly, fans should be excited about the future. “You’re not far off.”

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