Nutt from the SEC teleconference | Ole Miss Sports

Highlights from Houston Nutt’s time on the SEC teleconference. …

(If you had to make the decision again, would you still want to coach the last three games?)

“That’s what I’ve always taught … to finish. This is my first experience with this situation, but I don’t think I’d do it any other way.”

(This has been a different situation for you …)

“It was a shock, but you go on. You take the cards you’re dealt. You go on and try to lead the best you can. I go to sleep at night knowing I had a lot of good years in the SEC. I got to do a lot of good things with good players and good people. We did good things here, and had we switched things, had the last two years first, it might be different. “There’s a good foundation here. There’s a good group of young players, some guys that have played a lot of football, some good guys you don’t always get to read about. They’re going to be all right.”

(Thoughts on your last game at Ole Miss?)

“Vaught-Hemingway has been a good place, a special place. We’ve got a lot of good memories. We’ve won a lot of good games. The Grove walk, being in the stadium for the last time. I’m looking forward to it. It’s been a good place.” (How will you use your quarterbacks against LSU?) “Zack will start out, and we’ll use Barry as well. We’ll use both those guys and go right from there.”

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