Nutt, Lee in no rush for one QB | Ole Miss Sports

I realize this is like saying no-hitter in the seventh inning, but here goes: Zack Stoudt has attempted 43 passes without an interception.

When you hear Ole Miss coaches talk about turnovers you can insert the word “interceptions.” Ole Miss has thrown 50 in the last three years, 35 in the last two.
Jeremiah Masoli threw only 11 interceptions in two years at Oregon but threw 13 at Ole Miss last year, one for every 22.7 attempts.

When his lack of interceptions was mentioned to Stoudt earlier this week, the first thing he did was knock on wood – or drywall against the wall behind him.

While Stoudt still has to get past the fumble issue, his success in not throwing interceptions has to do with poise and decision-making.

It will be a two-quarterback system at Ole Miss for the foreseeable future. Offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach David Lee is in no rush to push a candidate into the job alone.

Wednesday he scripted 81 snaps, 50 to Stoudt, 31 to Randall Mackey. He said Mackey had a good day of reading coverages, “the best he’s done in a long time.”

“It helps you to know who your quarterback is, but I’m still playing both these guys, because I think both of them together, with the things we’re doing that feature them and play to their talents, give us the best chance to win. That’s why their both playing. It’s what gives us the best chance right now,” Lee said.

Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt said he doesn’t feel the need to have one guy if it’s determined that playing two remains the best option. That being said, either Stoudt or Mackey can change current policy with repeated trips to the end zone.

“If one of them takes over and we’re scoring back-to-back-to-back-to-back he probably won’t come out whether it be Mackey or Stoudt. But if we need both, we’ll use both,” Nutt said.

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