Nutt on SEC teleconference | Ole Miss Sports

Some of the highlights from Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt on today’s SEC teleconference. These questions were from Arkansas media.

Can you talk a little about Greg Childs and Jarius Wright?

(Both are juniors, both were teammates at a very pass-oriented Arkansas high school in Warren, and both had committed to Nutt’s staff.)

“Greg and Jarius are some kind of athletes. Both are proving it now. They’re both having outstanding years. You could just see they were good good people, good hard workers and were ahead of the game in the passing game. They’ve done an excellent job down there (at Warren) of developing those guys. They were ahead of the game in the passing game, in route running and in catching the ball.”

What lessons did you learn from the Jacksonville State game, and how did you right the ship?

“That was very tough. That was a real shock. We expected to win that game, especially when you’re up 31-10 in the middle of the third quarter. The bottom line is that’s where you really find out about your seniors, your leaders. I basically talked to our seniors very hard. I said, “It’s a tough blow, but you have to handle it.” They’ve done a good job of handling it. They never expected that, but you can’t take winning for granted. You have to sweep te corners, take care of the little things that are simple to let go. You have to put it back on your seniors and have them take ownership.”

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