Nutt says Ole Miss is his team, no one else’s | Ole Miss Sports

Houston Nutt doesn’t begin every after-practice interview session intent on delivering a message. Today he did, forcefully taking responsibility for the team.

Here’s Nutt:

“The first thing I want to say is hey, this is my football team, and I take full responsibility for last Saturday’s performance, first and foremost.

“I really believe we’ve got coaches and players that care … that care and they want to please especially our fans. Chancellor Jones is not the football coach. Pete Boone is not the football coach. Hey, I’m the football coach.

“It’s my responsibility to get them right, to get them going.

“That’s what I appreciate today, and that’s what I appreciate about this game. It’s the toughest game in the world. Its a man’s man’s game, and you’re going to get knocked down. I’ve been in this league long enough to know you’re going to get knocked down. It’s about how your respond. It’s about getting back up.

That’s why it’s the greatest teacher there is. I believe this game is the greatest teacher in life, I really do. It’s going to help them on 10, 15 and 20 years from now. The bottom line is you’ve got some guys competing out here today that want to get it done. I’m appreciative of that and ready to go.”

A few other practice notes …

Offensive coordinator David Lee says he’s reduced the offense by about 30 percent and is considering cutting more.

Today was not a good day for the receivers, Lee said. He likes what he’s seen with the Rebels’ inside zone and power run plays. …

Freshman Aaron Morris ran with the first team at left guard today ahead of sophomore Patrick Junen. …

Middle linebacker Mike Marry was in walking boot. It may be a situation he deals with the entire year to get ready to play on game days. Nutt wasn’t too concerned about it and sounded hopeful that Marry would be able to practice tomorrow.

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