Nutt’s comments on proposed juco rules changes | Ole Miss Sports

Comments from Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt on proposed changes to junior college football that would do away with recruiting districts and other things …

“I haven’t studied it, but the one thing I know about Mississippi that I’ve always been impressed with, wherever I’ve been when I got to Mississippi, is how good Mississippi junior college football players are, how well they’re coached, what immediate needs that so many schools have come to Mississippi.

“Boy I hate to see that change. I don’t know everything. It’s just when you start taking away the districts. … What I really worry about now are the high school kids that would receive one call from a junior college and then several calls from an SEC or Division 1 schools, now that same young man’s going to have to take 16, 17, 25 or 35 calls from junior colleges plus Division 1. That parts a real headache. Then a lot of junior college coaches who are teaching class when I go to their campuses, now they’re going to have to hurry and get out of class, go get in a car and spend more money on recruiting. Recruiting … that’s a lot of budget now that I don’t think they’re prepared for … gasoline, food, hotels. Going to get kids that you would normally get in your district, now you’ve got to go out.

“I don’ t know the presidents’ reasons, I haven’t studied it, but just from what I do know it kind of concerns me. I’m an outsider looking in, but as a college coach I love our Mississippi junior college system because of what they’ve done for us … Patrick Trahan, guys like Randall Mackey. There have been a lot that we’ve gotten … Wayne Dorsey, Damien Jackson. I don’t know how that’s going to work.”

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