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Often coaches use their time slot at SEC Media Days to further an agenda, whatever that might be.

I didn’t sense too much of that from Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt, but it was clear that Nutt wanted to talk about Jeremiah Masoli, even if Masoli’s name didn’t come up in the question-and-answer period.

The question was about the Ole Miss offense and “how it might change a little bit” this season under new coordinator David Lee.

Nutt: “I want to spend five seconds talking about Jeremiah Masoli. We spent a lot of time last year talking about him. Some of you guys even criticized that guy. That was a great experience for him, a great experience for Ole Miss. I think we helped him, and he helped us. He’s a tremendous person. He wanted to change his life around. I really think that he has. Just a tremendous work ethic, tremendous attitude. But it’s funny, when you don’t win, all of a sudden the story goes away. He is an awesome person who did a good job for us and helped us.”

Nutt’s praise for Masoli – who transferred in rather suddenly after his dismissal at Oregon – is consistent with what we heard last season.

I think eyebrows were raised at Masoli’s transfer, and given his prior history, rightfully so.
He understood that Ole Miss was his last chance for college football, and all accounts are that he walked a straight and narrow path.

According to Nutt, he did more than walk the straight and narrow, he was a leader.

Masoli was a good player on a struggling team last year. There were times when the running game failed, and offense was about whatever he could get done with a shotgun snap.

It will be interesting in the coming weeks to see if he can remake himself as a running back with the 49ers.

Elsewhere …

From the mother ship today, speaking of offense at Ole Miss, a better showing in turnover ratio could go a long way toward improvement.

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