Nutt’s Sunday Teleconference | Ole Miss Sports

Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt said the Rebels came away light in the injury department in last night’s 41-23 loss at Auburn.

There’s been some traffic in the training room today. He didn’t elaborate and said everyone who played last night should be ready for this week and the Kentucky game Saturday at 2:30.

The Rebels were shut out 14-0 in the third quarter last night. If you’re scoring at home that’s 61-0 in the last three games, and Nutt said he hasn’t experienced this level of third-quarter dysfunction at any other point in his career.

It’s been a point of emphasis in practice and in meetings. Last night he tried something different with warm-ups on the field with 6 minutes still left in the halftime break.

“What I want is to see the first half duplicated for 60 minutes,” he said. “I thought we played an excellent ballgame, but that was for 30 minutes. It’s got to be a full game.”

Nutt said he was pleased with the effort in the first half. The question is how long with a team that isn’t experiencing success continue to play hard and give effort?
So far that hasn’t been a problem in games or in practice, Nutt said.

The Rebels have now lost 11 straight SEC games. They haven’t won since beating Kentucky last year in Oxford, and they travel to Kentucky this week.

Kentucky and Ole Miss are joined by Tennessee as the three SEC teams that haven’t won a conference game.

“I’m not so much worried about them as I am us,” Nutt said. “We’re doing everything we can, starting today, to head that way and get a victory.

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