Ole Miss, BYU: The game within the game | Ole Miss Sports

Responses to scheme questions for Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt have been played pretty close to the vest this month.

With three new coaches on the staff, tendencies from the 2010 team are bound to be different. That calls into question the value of an opposing coach who will game plan off video from last year and previous seasons. In all likelihood there’s been more video work for BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall who has probably mixed in tapes of Oklahoma State, Kansas State and the Miami Dolphins.

I asked Nutt last week if that was an advantage, and he responded by giving his thoughts on BYU players, their discipline, their age and their poise in waiting for an opponent to make a mistake.

BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall says the new coaches at Ole Miss does affect his preparation. “It does. You have to guess, speculate and predict.”

From the mother ship, Mendenhall has a lot more to say about the impact new coaches at Ole Miss but also at BYU will have on the season opener.

Mendenhall made his own changes and has a new offensive coordinator (Brandon Doman), a new receivers coach (Ben Cahoon), a new RBs coach (Joe DuPaix) and a new outside linebackers coach (Kelly Poppinga).

The big difference here is only one of Mendenhall’s hires is truly from outside the program. DuPaix spent the last three seasons at Navy. Doman was already the BYU quarterbacks coach, Poppinga was a GA last year who became interim outside linebackers coach and Cahoon, while not on staff last year, was a receiver at BYU from 1995-97. Since college he’s had only one job, that as a CFL receiver. He enjoyed a very successful career, becoming the CFL’s all-time receptions leader.

Ole Miss offensive coordinator David Lee and secondary coach Keith Burns have a history with Nutt but haven’t coached with him at Ole Miss. WR coach Gunter Brewer has a history with Ole Miss but not with Nutt.

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