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Charles Sawyer

On Coach Freeze’s reaction to first game:

He loves this place. Every game is going to be special for him. We don’t want to let him down.

On first half:

It was a wake up call for us. It showed us we got to get our stuff together. We had a lot of excitement to start the game. We had to get back to doing our job, playing like the defense we are.

Halftime comments:

We said, don’t let them get past the 50-yard line. Coach told us to tackle better, put our eyes in the right place and calm down.

What does game say:

We have to play 60 minutes. We have to play the whole game like we did the second half. You’ve got to work for four quarters. It feels great to win. I want to congratulate Coach Freeze and my teammates.

Donte Moncrief

Lockerroom at halftime:

The mentality was, play the next play. Coach Freeze always tells us to play 60 minutes and something good will happen. We did that in the second half and put up a lot of points.

What the win means:

This win was big. It builds confidence and puts a little swagger in our offense. The defense came out and played a hell of a game so we just have to keep it up, keep getting better and cut out the little mistakes. I felt more comfortable. I felt like I could make more plays with my feet. I’m stronger and faster and I feel a lot better.

On TD pass from Wallace:

Bo told me if the safety comes down, he’s going to throw me the ball. I saw the safety come down and I knew he was going to throw it to me. I just had to make a play for the offense.

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