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I visited with US Rep. Alan Nunnelee Wednesday for our upcoming feature on former Ole Miss ace Will Kline and the Congressional baseball game.

Nunnelee, a fellow church member at Calvary here in town, is a Mississippi State graduate, but he’s also a politician, and as such it serves him well to have a knowledge of things Ole Miss.

Along those lines he’s a frequent visitor here to the blog and commented on my list of top 10 Ole Miss football wins of the After John Vaught Era.

He was pleased to see the 1977 Notre Dame game as the No. 1 choice, and he offered a story that was news to me, perhaps not to other folks. However, I had never heard that Ronald Reagan was in attendance that day in Jackson. This was between Reagan’s career as an actor and California governor, before his two terms as president.

Nunnelee says he remembers Reagan campaigning at the Neshoba County fair and telling the story of being with an excited group of Ole Miss fans after the game. Reagan led to his own punch line when he quoted one of the Ole Miss fans, shocked by the Rebels’ success that day, who summed it up this way: “Oh my, what might they have done if John Wayne had been here?”

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