Question of the Day: Who should be the Sunday starter? | Ole Miss Sports

Update 8:45 a.m.

Like that 99 cent loaf of French Bread, this is a day old question but still good conversation.

From what I’ve seen tried on Sundays so far, I think Dylan Chavez is the best choice. Three times in three weeks the Rebels have used a starter making his first SEC start, and it hasn’t worked well. Maybe the three innings from Chavez are something to build on, and, as pointed out below, if best arms in the bullpen are available, it’s not a bad strategy.

I’ve thought about Brett Huber as a possible starter. He’s got the experience, and earlier in his career the idea of Huber as a starter was discussed.

It might work out on the front end, but there’s a gamble – much like someone making their first SEC start – in casting someone in a new and different role as closer.


Three Sunday starters have lasted a collective 4 innings the last three weeks for Ole Miss. With six SEC games remaining, the Rebels are trying to firm up their postseason resume, and finding a Sunday starter would be a big step in that direction.

Who should it be?

A. Tanner Bailey. He deserves another chance.

B. Chris Ellis. He’s been good in relief.

C. Dylan Chavez. The LSU game was 3-2 when he left in the fourth.

D. R.J. Hively needs to move back to the rotation.

E. Fill in the blank. ___________

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