Reason No. 16: Senquez Golson | Ole Miss Sports

This is a random order. Here’s reason No. 16 that Ole Miss will be improved in 2011.

Over the weekend this almost become the reason for Ole Miss fans to jump from a bridge.
Golson, however, rejected the Boston Red Sox, answering the question “Who wants to be a millionaire?” by saying “I do but not right now.”

As I’ve stated, Golson isn’t in the top three right now, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be there in a month.

The potential is enormous. That’s what led the Red Sox to draft him. They didn’t take him in the eighth round because of sub-.350 high school batting average.

They see the physical skills and see what he can become.

So does Ole Miss secondary coach Keith Burns.

“We’re not going to use him outside of what his skill set is. We’ll put him in situations where he’s physical and can press or can play a roll-up corner. We’ll try to take advantage of what he does well at an early stage.”

Golson’s acceptance of coaching and desire to get better mean he won’t stay in the early stage long.

“He’s tough and raw. I really like him. He has a great attitude, and he’s really coachable,” Burns said.

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