Reason No. 19: QB Competition | Ole Miss Sports

This is a random order. Here’s Reason No. 19 that Ole Miss will be improved in 2011.

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a coach or player talk about competition this month then I wouldn’t worry so much about the wild swings in the stock market these days.

It can begin to sound cliché, but competition for starting jobs does drive players to work harder and typically to achieve more.

Neither Barry Brunetti, Randall Mackey nor Zack Stoudt has achieved enough to win the job, and frankly, none was overly impressive in the first scrimmage last week. Combined they were just 5-for-15 passing. Each had a nice downfield completion, and it’s likely that someone would have stood out if they’d have gotten enough consecutive snaps to really get in a rhythm.

But that’s not the way the scrimmage was set up, so the quarterback who can get to his rhythm earlier in his time on the field will be at an advantage in tomorrow’s scrimmage.
While Brunetti began camp with a little bit of an edge, he hasn’t exactly widened it. Stoudt has played well enough to remain in the conversation, and Mackey looks as though he’s drawn closer in the second week.

If the competition is going to bring out the best in one of these players it’s time for that player to step forward.

At the very least the competition has served to increase tempo and concentration in camp. I’m still thinking Brunetti ends up winning the job, because at this point no one has taken it from him.

Competition won’t automatically stop when a winner is declared. That guy will get the attention and the reps, but the pressure will be on him to perform and keep the job.

It’s not good news if the Rebels are still having this discussion in Week 2.
Perhaps tomorrow’s scrimmage will be the launching point for someone to take off, finish camp strong and have a successful debut against BYU on Sept. 3.

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