Report: Aggies to announce entry into SEC today | Ole Miss Sports

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Texas A&M will hold a news conference today to announce its entry into the Southeastern Conference. LINK

Also from Texas, the Fort Worth Star Telegram reports an official announcement from Texas A&M as possible, not inevitable.. LINK

Chip Brown of, a website devoted to coverage of the Texas Longhorns, reports that SEC presidents last night voted 10-2 to admit A&M.

No word this morning on Baylor’s efforts to save the Big 12.

The SEC has gone about its business quietly regarding A&M’s potential move and the likely addition of a 14th team. However, West Virginia’s name as surfaced in multiple reports as a legitimate prospect for No. 14.

West Virginia is south and east of Ontario, not much else, but it would give the SEC a television footprint in lucrative northeast markets.

In spite of denials by its administration, Virginia Tech’s name will not leave the SEC expansion discussion. This from over the weekend. Virginia Tech would allow the SEC entry into the Washington, D.C. TV market.

Missouri’s name also gets prominent mention. The Big East could also be a landing point for Missouri if the Big 12 disbands. This from Kansas City.

Ole Miss athletics director Pete Boone hasn’t had much to say on the expansion speculation beyond expressing confidence in SEC commissioner Mike Slive and the league presidents.

Said Boone last Thursday: “The SEC has to be very mindful of any institution that would seek to come in. A lot of it has to do with location. So much of it has to do with culture.”

It’s looking like expansion has tested and will test the real estate theory of “location, location, location.” When this thing is done they’ll be able to name the new leagues Conference No. 1, Conference No. 2, Conference No. 3, Conference No. 4.

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