Run game struggles | Ole Miss Sports

Houston Nutt has also ways been able to hang his hat on the run game.

In fact, at Nutt’s introductory news conference in 2007, one of the first questions he was asked was what his offense might look like considering he was inheriting a highly regard pro style quarterback in Jevan Snead.

Nutt adapted, and though Snead had his struggles, he was often effective, and so was the running game.

Through a combination of under-performance on the offensive line and injuries to running backs Brandon Bolden and Enrique Davis, the Ole Miss run game is at the lowest point it’s been with Nutt as the Rebels coach, the least productive its been since Ed Orgeron’s first year in 2005.

The Rebels’ are averaging just 90.50 yards a game on the ground, 102nd in the nation, 11th in the SEC.

But those figures include a 179-yard game against Southern Illinois. Against FBS foes, the run game is averaging just 61 yards a game and hasn’t produced a touchdown.

Nutt has focused on the health of Bolden and Davis of late, perhaps trying to shield the line from the unflattering attention it’s receiving. Whether it’s a problem with the line or the reserve running backs, the run game should be able to function.

Bolden and Davis are getting healthier, and that needs to translate into production in the run game if the Rebels are going to salvage something of the season.

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