SEC in Destin: TV talk and more | Ole Miss Sports

The SEC spring business meetings begin tomorrow in Destin. It will be the first such gathering for two important new Ole Miss people, football coach Hugh Freeze and AD Ross Bjork.

Football will be among the most prominent topics, it always is.

Scheduling in all sports has taken some work with the addition of Texas A&M and Missouri as new members. The basketball schedule is of particular interest with the additional games. One more meaningful win might have gotten the Rebels over the hurdle last year. Who knows?

Another important football topic, though, is TV.

The SEC has big deals with CBS and ESPN, deals that have been a welcome revenue stream when incoming funds have been hard to find. Those contracts have also served to drive up the cost of scheduling football buy-out games, a not-surprising side effect.
With 14 teams coming in that payout per school gets smaller at a time when some schools, like Ole Miss, are pondering facilities upgrades and expansions and are trying to find more revenue not less.

The theory behind a 14-team league is that it would be more attractive for television.
Also, there’s been talk about an SEC Network similar to what the Big 10 has done. When such a network was first discussed, the AD’s were ultimately against it, saying they’d leave the TV to people who know TV. Has that sentiment changed? We’ll see.

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