Senquez Golson: What’s next? | Ole Miss Sports

Perhaps when Senquez Golson is back in the Ole Miss football camp things will settle down and he’ll let us know why he chose not to be a millionaire and decided to return to school.

More accurately to return to football.

Golson knows the odds are in his favor that he’ll have the chance to be a millionaire again, but two or three years down the road can seem like a lifetime to the young.

Financially, I can’t tell you it’s a good decision for Golson. It may prove to be that. Right now it’s a really good decision for Ole Miss.

Plans were being made to move on without him. Had Golson gone with the Red Sox, the magnitude of his loss would have been felt more by what he brings down the road than what he offers now as the No. 3 or 4 corner. He may not be the No. 4 corner in a month. He won’t be the No. 4 corner in a few years when an NFL signing bonus may outbid an MLB one.

Stay tuned. Lots of things happen or don’t happen in a few years.

A hint to Golson’s decision in favor of Ole Miss came just before the 11 p.m. CST deadline for MLB clubs to sign their June draft picks. That’s when the Red Sox began thinking of other ways to spend his bonus money, according to Alex Speier of WEEI in Boston.

Golson is clearly gifted. On the surface plans were being made to move on without him that might have had the Rebels just as good for the season opener against BYU.

But those plans included either more wear and tear on fellow freshman Nick Brassell, already carving his niche at receiver, or more wear and tear on the top three corners in the rotation, or more uncertainty when making defensive calls that require an extra DB and more speed in the secondary to achieve their purpose.

The top-tier teams in the SEC win more often because they have more speed and talent.

Golson’s decision is big for Ole Miss. Hopefully it will be just as big for him in the years to come.

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