SIU coach Dale Lennon | Ole Miss Sports

Comments this morning from Southern Illinois coach Dale Lennon on the MVC teleconference …

(On his team’s 38-10 win over Southeast Missouri State)

“It was a good game for us. We needed to come out and have a good start. At that point, similar to last year, we were able to take control at that point and put it out of reach. It was good to see how the team responded and made plays when we needed to make plays. Last year we didn’t step forward when we needed to.”

(Looking ahead to Ole Miss)

“Definitely a challenge. They had a tough first game against BYU. They had the game in hand and let it slip away in the fourth quarter. I was very impressed with their defense. They’ve got some guys who can run around and make plays. Offensively, the offensvie line is as big as any we’ll come across. I’m curious to see how we can match up and hang in there. There’s an interesting challenge in front of us.”

(How can you prepare your defensive linemen to work against offensive linemen with a size advantage of about 60 pounds?)

“We run a 3-4 defense. A big component of our defense is movement. We want guys who are very athletic and are capable of using their feet. That’s what we have to do. To ask our guys to stand in there and play base blocks man to man is a bit unrealistic. There are a lot of things we do that are scheme-oriented. When you have the disadvantage to that degree that’s usually what you go to.”

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