Summer is here | Ole Miss Sports

We’ve reached the summer slow down for information.

I was already aware of this change of intensity and was reminded when I got to the office today and saw that both Gene Phelps and Brad Locke are on vacation.

I am a proponent of vacation, by the way, and have some weeks coming up later in the summer that are already planned out.

The slow down doesn’t last as long as it once did, but it does make things quiet around the office.

So it was more than one head that popped up in the Cube Farm with the news a fantastic new retail development to begin work soon just outside of town.

That got everything buzzing for a bit, but business editor Dennis Seid soon shot everything down. Check out Biz Buzz here.

The last line is the truest. It’s hard to imagine a ‘Mall of Tupelo’ of this magnitude when we’ve swung and missed at Target for quite some time now.

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