Surprise! Mississippi’s two SEC schools have different views | Ole Miss Sports

Getting settled in Destin. The meetings begin tomorrow morning, and I’ll have updates on the big news overall plus all things that make the biggest ripples in the Ole Miss and MSU ponds.

It looks like the two Mississippi schools will vote differently in the hot-button issue of the meetings, oversigning. Boy, imagine that.

Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt has said he will “fight” for the current arrangement, which allows for SEC schools to sign 28 players, three over the NCAA limit of 25 scholarships per class. Ole Miss AD Pete Boone has supported Nutt in this, calling for transparency and all cards on the table, so to speak, with regard to the practice of grayshirting, a by-product of oversigning, in which a player promised a scholarship may not receive it until Jan. 1 of the following year.

From the MSU side, AD Scott Stricklin tells me his school would be fine with propsed legislation that is expected to limit SEC schools to 25 signees – a one-to-one ratio of scholarship offers to scholarship signees, no juggling of numbers between signing day and the Aug. 1 deadline to whittle down to 25.

Stricklin says a world with no oversigning would be OK with MSU, because the programs retains and develops its players.

Ole Miss signed 28 this season, MSU 22.

From the mother ship, Nutt talks about the need for oversigning based on attrition, saying you can’t see into a player’s heart in the evalution process. He calls evaluation of players during recruiting the hardest part of his job.

Elsewhere, from the Macon Telegraph, five things to watch this week.

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