Talk of championships | Ole Miss Sports

From the mother ship, our coverage of Tuesday’s capital campaign launch. Lots of championship talk in here.


Also, couple of quotes that didn’t survive the cuts.

Boone: “This campaign will be the cornerstone for future championships for the flagship university of this great state.”

And …

Boone says it’s not unrealistic to talk about winning major championships at Ole Miss and that the fans who will play a major role in the building and renovation believe it will happen.

“It’s not that they don’t believe. They all want to know what we’re doing in athletics that keeps us from winning right now,” he joked. “Everybody is on board. We all believe we can win.”

Back in the day we would have said this stuff was left on the cutting room floor. That no longer applies. I guess now we can say Keystroke Oblivion.

Here’s more from Boone that wasn’t cut but didn’t make it in the print story.

(On reaching the SEC football championship game)

“Things have happened in various ways that have prohibited us from doing that. It’s hard to get to the championship game. Not too many teams have gotten there in the sense of year in and year out. Nobody is a lock cinch. Thins have to go your way. We had a shot a few years ago, didn’t happen. Our people do believe.”

(On the outside perception of talk of winning championships)

“I’ve never been one that believes in pecking orders. I believe that each program operates on its own. They do things independently. Each one in the SEC has a pretty good shot of being successful. It’s hard to be successful every year, because there are so many good programs out there. What we’re doing is what’s good for Ole Miss. We think these things will help us move our program up several notches. We’re worried about what we can do.”

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