Today’s Forward Rebels Ad | Ole Miss Sports

The Forward Rebels group is back in the papers today with an ad picturing athletics director Pete Boone and asking, “Ole Miss fans – are you tire of the Good Ol’ Boy network.”

The ad continues and takes on Ole Miss chancellor Dan Jones, saying Jones says Boone’s continued employment is the fault of the Forward Rebels group.

That is certainly a theory that’s been floated. Boone has indicated he does not intend to resign.

The ad claims 15,000 new members to Forward Rebels over the past six. Though still largely anonymous, the ad says Forward Rebels is made up of students, alumni and athletes, “some of whom play – or have played – in the NFL.” One prominent athlete to announce his presence with Forward Rebels is Jerrell Powe.

The ad calls on Ole Miss fans to email Jones, demand a “legitimate nationwide search for a new leader” and to join Forward Rebels and sign a petition which will be released soon.

Whether the presence of the group is keeping Boone at Ole Miss is debatable. If Boone eventually resigns it will be interesting to see how long it takes money from Forward Rebels to reach the school’s capital campaign.

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