Top 10 basketball wins under Andy Kennedy | Ole Miss Sports

The top 10 wins of the Andy Kennedy Era. I welcome your additions and modifications.

1 At Virginia Tech 2008 NIT, 81-72. Virginia Tech was one of those teams that almost made the NCAAs that year. Good lineup. Ole Miss built a lead and remained in control most of the way. Big quarterfinal win to get to NYC.

2 Kansas State 2010, 86-74, San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Rebels got lots of RPI mileage from this as the season played out.

3 Clemson 2008, 85-82, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Clemson was ranked No. 15, the win was the marquee effort in a 13-0 start.

4 At Mississippi State 2009, 67-63. An underhanded team not long after Chris Warren’s season-ending injury gets an unlikely win with solid play by from, among others, Malcolm White.

5 LSU 2007, 71-70. Brian Smith gets a steal from LSU’s Glenn Davis, and Clarence Sanders kicks out a leg and hits from the corner to win it.

6 Memphis 2010 NIT, 90-81. Memphis fans traveled well, as they always do, and it made for an electric atmosphere.

7 Texas Tech 2010 NIT, 90-87. 2 Overtimes. Big shots and big plays down the stretch.

8 Kentucky 2011, 71-69. Chris Warren’s game-winner rattled home.

9 At Arkansas 2009, 98-91. Will Bogan jumped up and started hitting shots.

10 At Alabama 2010, 76-73. Terrico White hit some big shots late, and Trevor Gaskins had a nice game.

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