Trading up in the news cycle? | Ole Miss Sports

It’s been an interesting 48-hour news cycle for Ole Miss starting with Bolden and the Gang on Thursday evening. That would be the one-game suspension of running back Brandon Bolden – the Rebels’ best player when healthy and focused – and teammates A.J. Hawkins, Alex Washington and Philander Moore.

That news was followed Friday morning with the arrest of Drew Pomeranz, the former Ole Miss baseball All-American and current Colorado Rockies pitcher, who was charged with disorderly conduct. At least the guys enjoy coming back to campus.

Then late Friday afternoon came the news that basketball transfer Murphy Holloway had been cleared by the NCAA. Holloway is seeking a waiver of the NCAA’s requirement that all transfers sit out the first year at their new school. Friday’s decision should pave the way for him to play this season for the Rebels, but he must still be cleared for the same waiver by the SEC. It would seem to be a formality, but you never know.

Anyway, given the events since Thursday evening, would you consider the one-game suspension of Bolden and the Gang and the Pomeranz arrest a worthy trade for having Holloway eligible for this basketball season?

With Bolden in the lineup the Rebels were already almost a four-touchdown underdog to No. 2 Alabama later today. Hawkins has 15 career starts at center but was going to be replaced in the lineup today. Food for thought.

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