Travel Day | Ole Miss Sports

On the road to College Station today. Traveling with Jeff Roberson, of The Ole Miss Spirit, and Kyle Alford, who represents himself and is holding down the backseat without complaint. At least to this point.

We just concluded a quick tour of the campus of the University formerly known as Northeast Louisiana, which I was pleased to lead.

We visited briefly with Eun Jung Lee, associate head coach for women’s basketball. EJ could really hoop back in the day, a Kodak All-American. She probably hasn’t lost a step.

Good to see the campus has kept pace with the modern amenities of this day and age. Lots of new construction from back in the student days.

Jeff was complimentary of the campus, and Kyle seemed genuinely interested.

Press conferences for the College Station Regional will be tomorrow morning. We’ll have updates here.

The plan is to hit the Rangers game tonight and get into College Station tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, there was some not-so-good news for TCU, the Rebels’ first-round opponent. The Horned Frogs will be without Jason Coats, one of their top offensive players. This not news to TCU folks, who I suspect thought they might be without Coats for the postseason. He injured a knee in the regular season finale on May 20. He was hopeful of a return, but the injury has been diagnosed as an ACL tear.

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