Wednesday Practice Notebook | Ole Miss Sports

By Hayden Sowers

Houston Nutt said his team bounced back today with great attitude, great enthusiasm, adding they can’t wait to get back onto the field.

Both Nutt and Tyrone Nix said that the biggest improvements come between weeks 1 and 2, and both sounded confident the Rebels would do so this Saturday. Nutt added, “You don’t have preseason games, you don’t get to scrimmage that much and so when you see yourself on film that first Sunday for the first time and you say, ‘Ah, I should have done this, I should have done that, I should have been a step earlier, I should have kept my head up, all those things start to come into play and they get it so we should be much better.’”

With the likely addition of Texas A&M to the SEC Nutt was asked if his staff will look to dip more into Texas for recruiting. “We will probably be there much more,” he said.
Keith Burns and Nix were both complementary of the defensive unit, but both said that improvements were necessary to become a complete defense.

When asked about Wesley Pendelton’s first career D-1 action Burns said, “I was proud of him. I saw a guy that has a great deal of confidence and loves to compete and will accept a challenge. I was real proud of how he responded.” Burns also added, “He can never take a lazy step though, you know you are one play away from being in the gutter.”

Besides Pendelton, freshman linebacker Keith Lewis received the most praise from Nix on his recent practice. Nix said, “I think he has flashed and showed up more than he has throughout camp, and the way he has practiced he’ll play in the ballgame.” Nix also added that he thought the Spur position added more team speed to the defense.

Sophomore running back Jeff Scott seemed poised and ready to take on the extra load, citing that he and Devin Thomas are working hard to fill the shoes of the injured Enrique Davis and Brandon Bolden.
As for Scott’s shin he said, “I’ll be full go on Saturday.”

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