When text goes astray | Ole Miss Sports

In the interest of full disclosure here, a light-hearted confession relative to an on-going situation.

Pete Boone responded to a text message earlier this evening and said there’s “not a bit” of truth to the rumor that he is about to resign his position as athletics director at Ole Miss.
There have been a lot of rumors about Boone in recent weeks. Today they seemed to be a few more than usual and greater in intensity.

As a reporter, you listen to these things, you weigh what you hear against what you know and decide how to follow up.

Actually, I had not decided to follow up as I sat outside a local eatery waiting for a couple of cross country runners to emerge. But when I hit “Boone” in my contacts list, instead of the other “B” name I was looking for, well, technology took over, and Pete Boone had a text message from me. It said, “Boone to resign Friday?”

Boone responded some time later and said that’s not the case.

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