Wrapping up the Mackey story | Ole Miss Sports

In a nutshell, Randall Mackey has been suspended for the BYU game after his arrest for disorderly conducted early today. Barry Brunetti will be the starting quarterback, but Zack Stoudt will play also.

Even after last Saturday’s scrimmage, after reviewing the tape, there was very little separation between the three.

Mackey was not at practice today because of class. When he returns to practice he won’t get the same reps as Brunetti and Stoudt. The reps were evenly divided through camp, but Mackey will likely spend some time on the scout team now.

Below are some of Houston Nutt’s comments following practice today.

Hats off to Nutt for talking about the situation and not just issuing a statement. He answered questions, and he was also visibly disturbed by something he said was written on a blog – He did not name the blog – that indicated that Nutt would use his influence to assist Mackey with law enforcement.

Nutt: “The one thing I want to make sure we all put in print, make sure it’s clear, it got back to me that when one of my players got arrested, the statement was made that, ‘Coach Nutt will take care of this.’ If you do research on me for the last 20-something years, yeah, I’ll take care of it the right way. I always have, always will.

“I have tremendous respect for authority, but when you have that big of a get-together party, coming back, when school opens all in one place, that many people and especially when people come from out of town, it’s not a good scenario. You have to use good judgment, you have to think. The bottom line is there wasn’t a good decision made. Was he drunk and obnoxious? No. He got in a fight. I’m not going into all the details. You have to make a good decision, and you know what time you have to be in at night.

“I’m just disappointed in that. We had a great camp, an excellent camp, but that’s not how you end camp, how you celebrate camp. Please make sure … Somebody sent me a copy of this, on a blog … ‘Coach Nutt will take care of this. We’ll make sure that Mackey’s OK.’ That’s why I’ve been in this league for going on 14 years. I never have operated that way. I want our policemen to know that. I want the authorities to know that. We’re going to do things the right way.

“We’ve got about 98 percent doing it the right way. You don’t write about them, but we’ve got about 98 percent doing it the right way.

“Randall Mackey will not play the first game. I’m still looking into everything, but the bottom line is, he got in a fight, which a lot of y’all may have gotten in a fight in college, but the bottom line is, even though there’s maybe 50 other arrests, your arrest is headlines. Walk away. Turn the other cheek. It’s tough to do, but we try to preach that all the time. Walk away.”

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