Columnist suggests SEC should toss MSU, Ole Miss

Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi tossed a grenade on his “Open Mike” blog on Wednesday, suggesting that the SEC should follow the Big 12’s example in reducing its membership.
“Forget about expanding, SEC. Contraction is the ticket to more money,” Bianchi wrote. “Get rid of Mississippi State and Ole Miss and split all of your money 10 ways instead of 12 ways.”
In sometimes-profane responses, fans and foes of Bianchi’s idea – far-fetched because of the SEC’s charter – had posted more than 200 responses by Wednesday afternoon.
A couple of the better ones:
“The SEC will never kick Ole Miss out! One reason …the coeds!”
“The Mississippi schools are a Gator fan’s biggest fears.”
“You gave us something to talk about around the water cooler. Thanks.”

NEMS Daily Journal

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