Cotton States remains busy

Baseball StockBy David Wheeler
Special to the Journal

NEW ALBANY – Within the last week, the various Cotton States baseball leagues have wrapped up a busy and successful July.

But is Cotton States play done for 2013? Hardly.

The high school baseball division for grades 9-12 will continue in September and October with that sign-up deadline today.

There will also be competition in the junior high baseball division for grades 7-8 and the girls softball division for grades 7-12. Both of these divisions also wrap up registration today.

“I keep thinking it has hit the ceiling, and then it goes past that,” Cotton States commissioner Sam Creekmore said. “For the high school players, this is an opportunity to increase the quality of their play, and we’re expecting a big crowd.”

Players from July in all three high school divisions only had to roll over their information through their coaches to register for the Fall. New players should go to mississippiselectsports .com to apply.

In the high school baseball division, there were 10 teams in the just-completed July schedule. A year ago, there were more than 20 teams in September and October.

“It’s unique that we have a facility with four high school fields,” said Creekmore of the New Albany Sportsplex, the home of Cotton States. “We started this as a college league, and we accidentally found a niche in high school and junior high.

“The college league makes the high school players better, and the high school crowds make the college league better.”

The recently completed college division had five teams this season, and Creekmore feels Cotton States could grow in that area. But that would add travel to a current nice central location.

“We would have to have another location to play at,” Creekmore said. “I’m amazed at how many college kids there are around here.

“And every year, we’re approached by another college league. For them, it’s the same as us. We’re looking for diversity in our league.”

The Dealers won the recent college tournament, a team that featured players from three states and 10 different colleges.

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