Country video will use Northeast’s stadium

CHAD AINSWORTH Mitch Rossell will shoot a video for his song “God, Girls & Football” on Thursday night at Northeast’s Tiger Stadium.

Mitch Rossell will shoot a video for his song “God, Girls & Football” on Thursday night at Northeast’s Tiger Stadium.

They’ll be some pickin’ and grinnin’ in Booneville this week. Country is coming to town.

Thursday and Friday, Northeast’s Tiger Stadium will turn into a country music video set.

Up-and-coming artist Mitch Rossell will shoot the video for his new single, “God, Girls & Football” on the field, with a plot that will pit the teams that share the field against each other, Northeast and Booneville High.

“The support has been crazy,” Rossell’s manager, Josh Logan said.

The filming is open to the public – welcomed actually, a rare chance for anyone to be in a music video without having to go through a casting call.

“The kids are excited about it,” Booneville coach Mike Mattox said, “the cheerleaders are going to be involved. The band’s excited, the whole town in general. I had an alderman ask me, ‘You ready for the video?’”

Logan and Rossell formed an independent label in 2011 and after this shoot, they plan to meet with a handful of labels Saturday in Chattanooga, in search of a major deal. The new song will first be pushed through social media, but the team has hired video promotion to push it at different channels, including a Fall push at Sirius XM.

Planning has already started for the shoot and will include drone plane shots to overlook the gameday atmosphere, pregame huddles, a handful of prearranged plays, etc. Northeast coach Ricky Smither will be the visiting coach. Rossell will catch a touchdown pass, Mattox said.

It’s intricate, but it’s more than a video shoot. There will be a free concert Friday beginning at 8 p.m.

Logan said the concert idea has grown.

“I was imagining something small, like a flatbed behind an F250,” he said. “Word got out and interest started growing. And we’ve had to rent a $4,000 sound system. It got bigger apparently when word started circulating.”

Filming will begin Thursday at 8:30 p.m., but fans are asked to be there early for placement on the away side of the stadium. Friday, filming will be done on the home side. Gates open at 7 p.m., followed by the free concert, then filming at 9:30. Filming could last as long as 2 a.m.

There will be a chance to meet Rossell between 11:30 p.m. and 1 a.m.

Rossell’s videographer, Trevor George played for Mattox in the 90s. George spearheaded the effort to get the video to Booneville.

“It’ll be like ‘Friday Night Lights,’ try to make it look real,” Mattox said. “It won’t be actual knocking the fire out of each other. I don’t want my kids against some of those animals Smither may have over there.”

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