David Wheeler on High School Sports July 5, 2012

By David Wheeler/Special to the NEMS Daily Journal

The NEMCABB summer baseball tournament concluded last Wednesday, with the Lafayette Commodores winning the event, defeating the North Pontotoc Vikings in the championship game.

The Lafayette players showed a certain enthusiasm normally associated with regular or post-season baseball in March, April, or May.

This leads me into a point I think I mentioned the whole month of June – that June is now the busiest month of high school sports on the calendar.

Anyway, not to get sidetracked from baseball, this end-of-June tournament certainly appears to have hit on something that should be around for a while.

“The summer league is the summer league,” said Lafayette head coach patrick Roby, the new coach at Lafayette after a tenure at South Panola. “Playing in this tournament, playing for something, is good.”

“I like the end-of-summer tournament,” North Pontotoc head coach Chad Anthony said. “It’s something to play for.”

In all, 24 teams where in this year’s event.

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