David Wheeler on High School Sports March 27, 2012

By David Wheeler/Special to the NEMS Daily Journal

What are some of the unique high school sports fields or gyms in Northeast Mississippi?

I took a stab at some of our high school gyms a couple of months ago. But hey, it is baseball season now.

This week, I do not think I will encompass the whole area, but I will ramble a bit about Pontotoc ‘s baseball field. Or as it affectionately know by loyal Warriors – The Hollow.

This has to be one of the truly unique high school baseball fields in this corner of the state, which I visited Monday as Pontotoc hosted Tupelo .

“We love it here,” said Pontotoc head baseball coach Phil Webb, who is in his ninth season with the Warriors. “We’re very partial to this field.

“It certainly has a little atmosphere.”

I will admit the first time I ever covered a game at this field, I was not all that impressed. But this was back in the chain-link fence days, and most high school baseball fields were of secondary concern in the pecking order.

That was also about the time Pontotoc was taking advantage of the short porches of the layout – 310 currently down the lines, and 335 in the gaps. Pontotoc won state championships is 1980, 85, and 86. And more noteablely, the Warriors set a national high school home run record with 74 in 1986.

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