DOVE SEASON: Bring birds to hand with ‘hide, swing, shoot’

By Kevin Tate/Outdoors Writer

Knocking the rust off your wingshooting skills on the dove field need not be difficult.
When you get to your stand, take a couple minutes to picture the birds’ eye view of your setup. If scooting in behind a few corn stalks or tucking up next to a big hay bale turns your average shot into 25 yards instead of 35, you’ll be amazed at how your percentages improve.
Take a moment before there are birds in the air to get the feel of how your shotgun mounts to your shoulder and how your shoulder shrugs the stock up to your eye. Remind yourself to bring the gun up instead of your head down. The more level you keep your eyes, the better you’ll judge distance and speed.
With the shotgun mounted correctly, all that’s left to do is swing and shoot, swing and shoot, and don’t forget to swing. Depending on the weather and the flight pattern of the birds that come your way, a day on the dove field can present a wide variety of shooting challenges, and maintaining a swinging lead can keep you in the ballgame all the way.

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