Fifty shades of football: Day 15

(We’re counting down to the first Saturday of college football, now 36 days away)

Before we start getting buried in news about the looming start of college practice, let’s take a minute to assess recruiting for 2013.

Ten SEC teams are in the 2013 Top 25 as compiled by, with LSU, Georgia, Florida, Texas A&M and Alabama in positions 3 through 7 nationally. FYI: Southern Cal is No. 1 and Michigan is No. 2. The rankings are here.

Rivals’ rankings involve compiling total points on each commitment, and of course not every school has the same number of commited players at this point. Yet Southern Cal also has the best 2013 class at this point if you look at its class by average individual ranking.

When you crunch the numbers that way, the Ole Miss Class of 2013 commits falls from 16th nationally in terms of collective ranking down to 34th in terms of the average of inidvidual rankings of each player in the 19-man recruiting class. To get a proper picture, you need to control for that factor.

How ranks the average quality of the players in each 2013 SEC commit class:

Florida (18)

LSU (21)

Alabama (18)

Georgia (22)

Auburn (17)

Texas A&M (27)

Tennessee (15)

Mississippi State (12)

Missouri (13)

South Carolina (18)

Vanderbilt (15)

Arkansas (10)

Ole Miss (19)

Kentucky (10)

Another day, we’ll check in on the recuiting rankings for the SEC.

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