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By Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks

Fishing reports …

Aberdeen Lake – 8/9/2010
ABERDEEN LAKE (TENN-TOM): The bass reports the last week or so have been fair. Most reports are coming from the channel. Target laydowns and brush with t-rigged plastics, spinnerbaits and shallow cranks. Some folks are still reporting a good early morning topwater bite in some backwater sloughs with buzzbaits and frogs. Bass anglers need to keep in mind the new 14 inch minimum length limit on all black bass at Aberdeen and Columbus lakes. The few anglers targeting catfish are using jugs and trotlines on the navigation channel. Cutbait seems to be the bait of choice. The few crappie reports have been fair to slow. Crappie anglers are fishing the old river runs and targeting the deeper banks with minnows.

Columbus Lake – 8/9/2010
COLUMBUS LAKE (TENN-TOM): The bass reports continue to be fair but quite a few patterns available right now. Tibbee Creek has decent water clarity right now so its been a popular choice. Target the deep side of channel bends with t-rigged plastics and shallow cranks. Also, there have been several reports of bass being caught off shoreline structure on the channel and the gravel pits near the east bank ramp. Most reports indicated texas-rigged plastics were the most popular baits, with spinnerbaits and swimming jigs catching a few active fish out of the grass in the pits. Bass anglers need to keep in mind the new 14 inch minimum length limit on all black bass at Aberdeen and Columbus lakes. The catfish reports were fair this week with most biting along the channel and also below the dam. Both jugs and rod-n-reels are catching some nice catfish. Any current seems to improve the bite. The gravel pits and the mouths of the old river runs have been popular areas for the crappie anglers. Minnows or crappie jigs are working equally well.

Bay Springs – 8/9/2010
BAY SPRINGS: The bass bite during the day continues to be tough. A few bass are being caught the first 3 or so hours after daylight, but the midday bite is almost nonexistent. Light tackle has proven effective for keeper spotted bass. Target mainlake points in 15 to 25 feet of water. Several small bass are being caught shallow in the weedbeds on senkos and t-rigged plastics. The evening and night bite hasnt been as tough. A few quality bass are being caught on Carolina-rigged plastics and t-rigged 10-inch worms. The catfish reports are fair. Most folks are jug fishing in the canal between Bay Springs and Pickwick with cutbait. The few crappie reports are coming from deep water near the McDougal and Ashcraft areas of the lake. The deep ledges and brushpiles in 18 to 30 ft of water seem to be holding fish. Both minnows and jigs should produce some bites.

Lake Lamar Bruce – 8/9/2010
LAKE LAMAR BRUCE: We are still getting a few good bluegill and redear reports. Target flats near spawning areas in about 4-8 feet of water. Crickets have been the hot bait this week. The crappie reports are slow to fair. A few good sized fish are showing up, but the numbers are low. Crappie are positioned on and around stumps in water 8-10 feet. Jigs seem to be catching most fish. The bass bite is fair. Several groups reported catching numbers of keeper size bass, however, the quality bite is tough to come by. Most folks are throwing soft plastics and buzzbaits early and late on points and creek channels.

Lake Monroe – 8/9/2010
LAKE MONROE: Surface temps are in the low 90s and the water has good color. The bass reports are slow, with a few being caught in deep water. The best luck has been in 8-14 ft of water on t-rigged plastics. Most bass anglers are fishing early in the morning and late in the evening. The bream reports have picked up this past week and reports of fish on the bed are coming in. Both crickets and worms are catching these fish. A few anglers are still picking up some nice bream off the ends of the fishing piers as well. The catfish anglers are hitting the boat ramp and fishing piers early and late in the day with chicken livers and catching several nice cats.

Oktibbeha County Lake – 8/9/2010
OKTIBBEHA COUNTY LAKE: Water temps are in the 90s. Most anglers are fishing early and late. The heat has put a damper on the bite. The bass anglers are reporting a fair bite. Throw topwater baits or t-rigged plastics around shoreline brush or grass for best results. The catfish reports have been fair. Most anglers are fishing early in the morning along the dam and also targeting the creek channel. One angler reported catching two 5lb channel catfish in the creek channel on nightcrawlers. The bream reports have been slow. Most anglers are fishing from the piers on the big lake and along the shoreline on the small lake. Casting beetlespins or tight-lining crickets in 3 to 8 ft of water has been the best pattern.

Tombigbee State Park – 8/9/2010
TOMBIGBEE STATE PARK: The few bass being caught are coming on buzzbaits and t-rigged plastics early or late in the day. Several bass anglers are having luck by down-sizing their tackle and using light line and 4-inch finesse worms on shakeyheads. The bream bite is fair to good. The bream have moved to deeper water in the coves. A few anglers reported catching a few on crickets and jigs by tight-lining in the middle of the coves or off the points. The crappie reports have been few, but some anglers are having a little success by targeting suspended crappie off main lake points in 9 to 15 ft of water using either crappie jigs or minnows.

Lake Lowndes – 8/9/2010
LAKE LOWNDES STATE PARK: Water temps are running in the low 90s. The bass reports are fair. An early morning and late-evening bite is being reported by the bass anglers, with t-rigged worms and crankbaits being the best baits. Target points and creek channel ledges, as well as shallow, grassy areas early. Try weightless senkos and trickworms for the shallow grass bite. The bream bite is fair. They are biting redworms on the shallow flats around cover in the 4-6 foot range. Both bank and boat anglers are having some success. The catfish bite is a little slow, but a few are being caught on nighcrawlers and livers on deep drop-offs and in the creek channel.

Alicevile Lake – 8/9/2010
ALICEVILLE LAKE (TENN-TOM): The bass reports have been fair. Best baits have been buzzbaits and frogs early. Crankbaits and T-rigged soft plastics are getting most of the bites during the day. Target deeper banks with wood or grass in backwater areas like Camp Pratt and Big Coalfire. The catfish bite is fair to good along the navigation channel and the mouths of the old river runs. Trotlines and jugs baited with cutbait and liver have been producing good numbers. Any current seems to improve the bite. The few crappie anglers fishing have been picking up a few fish by targeting standing timber in 6 to 10 ft of water and deeper ledges off the old river run in the Pratts, Chism and Swedenburg sloughs with minnows.

JP Coleman/Pickwick Lake – 8/9/2010
PICKWICK LAKE/J. P. COLEMAN: Pickwick Lake elevation: 414 ft. Surface water temps are right at the 90 degree mark. The bass fishing is starting to get tough. The numbers of bass folks were catching a few weeks ago have scattered. The sized has gone down as well. The early and late bite is still decent with topwater and spinnerbaits. During the day Carolina-rigged plastics, deep diving cranks, and heavy jigs are still the best bets out on the humps and ledges. There have been several reports of numbers of bass coming from shallow grass as well. We are still getting a few good catfish reports. Most are still hitting the gravel bars and the river ledges. Best depths will be 15 to 25 feet deep, with deeper water in the river channel nearby. Nightcrawlers, wigglers, liver, and cutbait are all catching catfish. The white bass bite has turned on. Spoons fished over humps and ledges are getting most of the bites.

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Trace State Park – 8/9/2010
TRACE STATE PARK: Water temps are running in the low 90s. The bass anglers are reporting a decent bite early and late. Target points, coves, and creek channels for best results. Best baits have been topwater early and late, with big t-rigged plastic worms and crankbaits during the day. The bream reports are still fair to good. The road bed near the old swimming area is holding good numbers of bream right now in 6-18 ft of water. Dragging the bottom and tightlining with crickets and red wigglers seems to be the best techniques. The few catfish reports are coming from the day-use area in 20-30 ft. Tight-lining livers has been the best pattern.

Tippah County Lake – 8/9/2010
TIPPAH COUNTY LAKE: The bream reports are still fair to good. Most of the good reports are coming out of 3-6 ft of water. Red worms and crickets are good bait choices. Both bank and boat anglers are reporting good catches. The bass reports were fair this past week. Most anglers are reporting success targeting mainlake points and creek channels. Best baits have been t-rigged plastic worms and deep crankbaits. Both crappie and catfish reports are poor this week due to the heat. Try trolling around deep water brush tops for crappie while tight-lining nightcrawlers in the creek channels is the best technique for catfish.

Elvis Presley Lake – 8/9/2010
ELVIS PRESLEY LAKE Most folks fishing this past week are coming out late in the evening and early in the morning. A few crappie anglers have been picking up a few fish along the dam near the treetops in deep water. Cork fishing minnows or trolling jigs have been the best techniques. Some bass anglers are still catching a few on topwater baits early and late. Best areas have been main lake points. Try throwing soft plastics, texas and carolina-rigged during the day. The bream reports have been pretty slow. A few folks are fishing from the bank and the piers and reporting a few bream on worms in 5-10ft of water. The catfish report is fair to good with worms catching fish in 20ft of water near channels.

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